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Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Suntory Whisky - No Age Staetment

Photo Credit: @noblecigars

Japanese whisky that did it all

What's your first whisky that did it for you? This blended whisky Hibiki Japanese Harmony from Suntory started my journey into getting in the wonderful world of whisky.

My first real whisky

It was around my birthday in August 2017. I was gifted a bottle of Hibiki Japanese Harmony. By this time, I was slowly getting into #whisky by ordering #whiskey #cocktails such as Old-Fashioned and Manhattan. Previous to this, I hardly consumed any alcohol. If anything, I would order pretty cocktails like Cosmopolitan or Amaretto Sour while I'm out with friends to be social. Well, that changed very quickly after I decided to open this birthday gift Hibiki Japanese Harmony and tried it for the first time. Most of new and beginner whisky drinkers think whisky is smoky and expect ethanol burn. To my surprise, the Hibiki Japanese Harmony was exceptionally "smooth." Some people and bloggers cringe when you say whisky is smooth, but to me, that makes perfect sense. It just means the whisky is going down without that uncomfortable burning sensation in your mouth and down your throat. This Hibiki Japanese Harmony was super easy to sip and enjoyable with floral and fruity notes. This was it for me. My interest to explore more whiskies sparked from this experience and the desire grew immensely. If you are thinking of getting into whisky and especially Japanese whisky, I think Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a great place to start. Cheers to your journey of whisky my friends!



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